Surrogates And Donors


Our work focuses on helping women, who chose to be a surrogate, before, during and after the pregnancy. Our experience allows us to be thoughtful in our approach, diligent and professional as well as respectful of the unique relationships we share with our clients. We work together with reproductive and fertility physicians, adoption agencies, donor and surrogacy clinics and individual donors, surrogates and intended parents, in both individual and couples’ format to provide with prenatal, perinatal and postpartum support.

Surrogate Psychological Assessments


  • Determining if client is mentally able to perform as a surrogate

  • Discuss understanding and feelings about the process as well as issues involved in being a donor, surrogate or gestational carrier.


  • Help diagnose and clarify concerns regarding:

  • Behavior

  • Personality traits

  • Mood

  • Emotional functioning

·      Determine your resolve and readiness to proceed with the process

What to expect:

  • Gathering of all relevant history, background information, and current symptoms

  • Comprehensive evaluation